How to tackle your finances like a koala

Koalas are notoriously aggressive little buggers. To be aggressive with our finances just like a koala would, means cutting out as many unnecessary purchases and direct debits as we can. Its time to get serious. Anything you don’t utilise or use every day, its time to cut that subscription or payment out of your life. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of the koala, be aggressive, hard and let go one by one.

Be a fighter

Maybe you’ve lost your job, home or you’re thinking of moving back in with your parents. Situations change and today they’re changing rapidly like no other. However, Koala’s are fighters. Koalas are dealing with their habitats disappearing every day. They are survivors. They walk for miles for food and water and they get into fights too. Be a fighter and don’t go down lightly. Fight for your survival and that discount too!

Be a fussy eater

Did you know koalas are fussy eaters? Koalas only eat 50 species of the 700+ species of Eucalyptus trees in Australia. To save money its time to get fussy with food. Champagne and strawberries are out. Simple hardy home-cooked food is in. Become selective and a bargain hunter at the supermarket and utilise your freezer like you never have before.

Accept help from humans

Remember we all need a helping hand sometimes. It could be a different perspective on the situation or budgeting help. There are many useful financial tools available online. Help is available and you don’t have to navigate your finances alone. Reach out to the humans.

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