15 ways you can be more creative

Feel like there’s an amazing business idea buried inside you just waiting to come out? Need to think differently about financial problems? Or maybe you just want to be more creative for no particular reason other than the joy of it.

Whatever your reason, here are 15 ways you can be more creative now:

  1. Write 10 ideas a day — You have an idea machine at your disposal it just needs a kick-start. Every idea you come up with will lead to another and another. Your creative muscle will be a powerful engine ready every day.
  2. Morning pages — Write 2 pages of pure consciousness (free writing) first thing when you wake up. The Artists Way by Julia Cameron was the first to recommend morning pages to facilitate creativity.
  3. Create a twist on an existing product — Think of an existing product and brainstorm unique ways it could be used completely differently.
  4. Get out into nature — Go to a new park you have never been to. Walk and observe your new surroundings to stimulate your creativity.
  5. Watch inspiring documentaries on successful creative people — There’s nothing like a good documentary to inspire and motivate you.
  6. Draw — Free sketch ten objects in your house while listening to classical music.
  7. Paint like an Abstract Artist — Paint squiggles, shapes and blocks of colour. Painting simple shapes and marks will get your creativity moving and won’t defeat you because you’re not trying to paint like a master.
  8. Pinterest — Need inspiration. Check out the millions of images on Pinterest and create vision boards to refer back to.
  9. Yoga — Studies have shown just ten minutes of yoga a day can boost creativity and reduce stress levels while getting you fit and flexible.
  10. Spend time alone — Sometimes all you need is a little alone time and space to make way for creativity to come into your life.
  11. Daydream — Switch off and just let your imagination run wild. You never know what ideas might pop into your head.
  12. Watch comedy — Studies have shown laughing facilitates creativity so get laughing and watch something funny.
  13. Get creative with your hands — Cooking, knitting, woodwork, pottery anything that uses the sense of touch.
  14. Explore what you liked when you were a kid — Everything old is new again! Puzzles, colouring books are all back in fashion.
  15. Travel — Physically, virtually, imaginary, whatever you can afford or have time for, travel to interesting places and fire up your mind.

Becoming more creative doesn’t have to be complicated and yet it is so life-changing and transforming for everyone.

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Australian, Entrepreneur, Writer, Creative — Can’t stop, Wont’ Stop

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Nicole Cappelleri

Nicole Cappelleri

Australian, Entrepreneur, Writer, Creative — Can’t stop, Wont’ Stop

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